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two red fish swimming on top of a body of water
Journal Wednesday 01/04/2015 I like how the fish appear to be swimming 'outside' of the print. April Wilson
"Be your own kind of beautiful" quote via Carol's Country Sunshine on Facebook Motivation, Thoughts, Sayings, Quotations, Inspirational Quotes, Phrase, Words Of Wisdom, Zitate
"Be your own kind of beautiful" quote via Carol's Country Sunshine on Facebook
a black and white photo with the words backspiegn on it
peppar o vanilj
Black text
a book with an image of fish in water and japanese writing on the front cover
A Year in Japan Postcard Book by Chronicle: Almost enough to make me active on Postcrossing again.
a brochure with an image of a fish on it's front cover
光夏|Summer-sunshine EXPO
光夏 | Summer-sunshine EXPO on Behance
the wedding stationery is tied with twine
15 Beautiful and Creative Postcard Designs - Design Swan
Change of Address announcement Postcards
a circular drawing with waves in the middle
Traditional Japanese Designs by Polly PInder; Book 2 Search Press
Japanese design for coloring meditation
the japanese icon set includes all kinds of symbols
Because you never know if you might need this one day: Free Japanese Icon Set
an art deco wallpaper with green and white fan design
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...pattern inspiration
a drawing of an angel holding a trumpet in front of a cloud with chinese writing on it
I know its japanese- but since the pattern actually goes back to the old chinese sign for water (on maps) and the japanese kanji go back to chinese characters this is going to be classified here anyway
many different patterns and designs are shown in this collage, including the design on the fabric
Look what I won! — Heaps of Chiyogami Paper - Go Origami
Beautiful chiyogami paper prints!! I have had the privilege of working with all of these prints before! I miss the Japanese Paper Place on Queen st in Toronto!!
the words i'm in love with my best friend are shown above an image of waves
I love patterns that look hand drawn...and this looks like waves.