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Dame, hijo mío, tu corazón y no pierdas de vista mis caminos. Proverbios 23:26
Proverbios 23:26
a stone with the words in spanish on it and an image of a rock that says,
an image of a lion in armor with the words inspirational theory work like slave live like king
the words are written in spanish and english on a dark background with trees, rocks and water
a man is walking down the road with a bird flying above his head and in front of him
a dirt road surrounded by trees with the words galatass 1 10
an open book with the words dios te dara alguien que sepa cuidar tu coran
the words are written in spanish on a piece of paper with an image of a man's face
an ocean with waves and the words, si yo hice el mar imagna lo que puedo hacer por ti dios
a quote with flowers on it in spanish
Tú me das mil razones para ser feliz
some pink flowers with the words,'si dios est commigo, no importa que quien est en contra
the silhouette of a person with their hand up in front of them, saying that they are