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a quote that reads if course i talk to my self sometimes i need expert advice
Of course I talk to myself... - RUSAFU Quotes
a quote that reads, i make bad decision when i'm drunk but the soda ones haven't been that great either
I make bad decisions when I'm drunk... - RUSAFU Quotes
I’m a cynical optimist... - RUSAFU Quotes
I’m a cynical optimist... - RUSAFU Quotes
a close up of a grasshopper on a branch with a quote about praying mantisses
The female praying mantis devours the male... - RUSAFU Quotes
a quote that says i congress, keep some people's phone numbers in my phone just so i know not to answer when they call
I confess, I keep some people’s phone numbers... - RUSAFU Quotes
Art, A Unicorn
I’ve got a better chance finding a unicorn... - RUSAFU Quotes
the words dream big, then seattle are written in black and white on a white background
Dream big. Then settle - RUSAFU Quotes
some bridges aren't meant to be burned they're meant to be blown the f
Some bridges aren’t meant to be burned... - RUSAFU Quotes
the quote if at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried
If at first you don’t succeed... - RUSAFU Quotes
a quote that says never give up never stop trying to excel your limits we need the entertainment
there's a 50 % chance you won't like me there's a 100 % chance i won't change because of it
There’s a 50% chance you won’t like me... - RUSAFU Quotes
a quote that says whoever sang, ooh, child things are going get easier was lying
Whoever sang, ‘Ooh-ooh, child things are gonna get easier’... - RUSAFU Quotes
some people make me wish i had more middle finger fingers - rusafu quote
Some people make me wish I had more middle fingers - RUSAFU Quotes