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drops of water on the leaves of a plant
51 Awesomely Captured Dewdrops: The Best Microphotography Examples
an image of a forest scene with trees and plants on the left side of the frame
ArtStation - Explore
ArtStation - Concept art, Paperblue .net
a man sitting on top of a hill overlooking a city at night with green lights
Ghost In The Shell. One of the best science fiction stories ever made. Simply amazing.
an abandoned house with stairs and windows
Destroyed and Abandoned
A Once Elegant manor sits abandoned and falling into ruins. Berkyn Manor, Berkshire, UK…
an underwater scene with a train going through the tunnel and fish swimming in the water
the art of animation: Fotos
the cover to le livre de l'eiffina, with an image of a castle in the background
Schusev State Museum of Architecture
a castle in the sky with lots of clouds and stars above it, surrounded by other buildings
a fantasy forest with lots of trees and lanterns
Fairy village
an image of a forest scene with a quote from the book, as the world changed towards the time of man
The other side