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a skeleton couple holding hands in the shape of a heart with flowers and hearts around them
Would make a lovely tattoo..Soulmates till death~B
black and white photograph of two flowers
Ethereal image of Cosmos flowers wins photo competition
Ethereal image of Cosmos flowers wins photo competition - BBC News
a man with a tattoo on his chest has a red dot in the middle of it
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. . Vom ungeliebten Job zum Traumberuf Die junge Künstlerin Mentat Gamze tätowiert zur Zeit in einem Studio in Istanbul. Ihre Desinger-Geschichte startete vor einigen Jahren, als sie in Deutschland Philosophie studierte. Nebenbei arbeitete sie als Grafik-Designerin und legte damit dem Grundstock …
a small mountain tattoo on the left side of the arm, with snow capped mountains in the background
Do you think this artist is going to be able to recreate this design? (IG in comments)
a drawing of a crescent moon with flowers and stars hanging from it's side
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