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a dandelion with the words hello, leiblingsmensch danke, daas es dich git
a quote written in german on a yellow background with pink and red ink, which reads ge
a heart made out of two gold hearts with the words, we are all in love
Wahre Liebe kann man nicht finden. Wahre Liebe muss man aufbauen. - VISUAL STATEMENTS®
an image of a sunset with the quote man verliert nimals seine starke
Zitate Zum Nachdenken Man Verliert Niemals Seine Stärke Nur Vergisst Davon Ab
a woman with her head in her hands and the words friends written above her face
a man standing on top of a rock with his arms spread out in the air
the sun is setting over some clouds with a quote on it that says,'i am
a tree with the sun setting behind it
an image of a tree on the side of a road with a sunset in the background