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Marvel Comics, DC & other comic books. In late 50's DC comics ruled with Superman, Batman and other great characters who had no problems.Then came MARVEL with…
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Fantastic Four # 262 "The Trial of Reed Richards"

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strange tales 138 doctor strange meets eternity by steve ditko
Jack Kirby art on the back cover of the 2001A Space Odyssey Marvel Treasury Special 1976
Captain America - Jack Kirby


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By Jack Kirby
Captain America, Issue 104, Page 1

B&W Drawings

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Strange Tales

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Tales Of Suspense #7 Featuring The Molten Man-Thing Cover Art by Jack Kirby

Tales of Suspense

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Tales To Astonish

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Journey into Mystery Vol 1 105. Por Jack Kirby, Chic Stone, Stan Goldberg y Artie Simek. #Thor #JackKirby

Journey Into Mystery

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Amazing Adventures #1
Imagine a race of immortal beings possessed with seemingly limitless superhuman abilities. Once worshipped as gods, this fantastic group left Earth to explore the stars after warring with the Greek, Roman and Norse pantheons for supremacy over humankind. They are the Eternals, and they are just one part of a cosmic mythology. Their opposites - the Deviants - also secretly populate Earth, while the towering cosmic entities that created both - the Celestials - are fated to arrive and judge our pla

Marvel Comics

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FANTASTIC FOUR (V1) #68: Silver Age Grade 7.0 With Iconic Kirby Cover!!

Fantastic Four

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Thor 287


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Uncanny X-Men (1963) #101
Jack Kirby

X Men

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Cover for The Avengers (Marvel, 1963 series) #11
Avengers 25 - Google Search
The Avengers #8 Jack Kirby Cover


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Black Panther - Art by Ron Garney, Cover by Mike Choi “INERT”
Jungle Action 8 - Black Panther

Black Panther

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Amazing Spider-Man #69, the Kingpin
Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man 89


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Doctor Strange
#marvelcomics #marvel #comicbook #comic #cover #comiccover #superheroes #comicwhisperer #comiccovers #marvelpremiere #drstrange #doctorstrange
Strange Tales #110, First Appearance of Dr. Strange

Doctor Strange

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Incredible Hulk Vol 1 4. Por Jack Kirby y Dick Ayers.  #Hulk #JackKirby #DickAyers
Incredible Hulk #4. Mongu, the gladiator from space. #Hulk #Mongu
Hulk #1 by Kirby

Incredible HULK

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Jack Kirby and Stan Lee.  The original posting said: "What Lennon and McCartney were to music, these guys were to comics: geniuses who pushed boundaries and wrote the rules of a medium."
Jack Kirby.
Jack Kirby. Photograph by Kim Kulish.

Marvel Movies

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DC Comics - B&W Drawings DC

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DC Comics - Other

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an old comic book page with the title eye of the beholder
Making a Splash: Marvel Comics, 35 Years Ago This Month
an image of a man and woman looking at something in the sky with stars above them
an old comic book cover with the title
a poster with an image of a man in space and the words jack kirby - 2001 a space odyssey 6
2001: A Space Odyssey 6
Jack Kirby - 2001: A Space Odyssey 6
an image of a man surrounded by planets
70s Sci-Fi Art
the cover to captain america comic, drawn by steve vandervelen and penciled by
The Marvel Age of Comics
Cover pencils by Jack Kirby for CAPTAIN AMERICA #105, already heavily altered by other hands to change the position of Cap’s legs. The final cover would be largely redrawn by other people, including Jim Steranko, John Romita and Dan Adkins.
an image of the avengers comics cover
Bronze Age Babies on Twitter
Bronze Age Babies on Twitter: "Holy cow - that 3-day weekend and the great weather that accompanied it (at least in Chicagoland) has this guy longing for SUMMER! How about a tour of some of my favorite G-S and Annuals to set the mood? Avengers Annual 6 - cover by Kirby/Adkins, interiors by Conway/Perez/Espo" / Twitter
an ink drawing of two men standing next to each other
a drawing of a man holding a wheel
an old comic book cover with the title's character, captain america and other characters
an image of a comic page with black and white ink on it, one panel shows the
The Marvel Age of Comics
travisellisor: “ page 105 from the 1978 Silver Surfer graphic novel by Jack…
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Jack Kirby