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a black and white photo with lines in the shape of a triangle that has been drawn on
Superscript² / Une Saison Graphique / E / Graphics / 2016
an open book with numbers on the cover and inside pages folded to show a pie chart
‘Tablet’ Magazine
Lloyd's of London — Pentagram
a black and white poster with the words chicago in different languages, on it's side
Beautiful Brochures and Booklets — Smashing Magazine
an image of the number twenty seven in russian and english, as well as other numbers
a blue and white plot showing the number of people who have been married to each other
Data Vis Dispatch, October 12 - Datawrapper Blog
a sheet of paper with different colored bars on it and the numbers in each section
Transfer—Poster.01 by Matt Benkert on Dribbble
a blue and white poster with the words usa on it
Kickstarter $2 Billion
Kickstarter $2 Billion on Behance
a bar chart is shown on top of a paper with numbers and words in it
HDL in studio
an info sheet with the names and times for each city
Brand New: Saffron City Brand Barometer 2020
Brand New: Saffron City Brand Barometer 2020
an image of a diagram with circles and numbers on it, all connected to one another
Hicetnunc and the Merits of Web3