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two pictures of the same keychain with different letters on it, one has a blue marker and another has a green clip
Der Pom-Pom-Stift – Klassenkunst
Simpel und sooo gut! Ich nehme an ihr verwendet sie alle, diese tollen wasserlöslichen Stifte. Ich verwende sie oft für Knobelaufgaben od...
the letter m is made out of cardboard and taped together with tape to make it look like
Touch & Feel Letters
Touch & Feel Letters with FREE printable templates!
the push pin maze is an easy activity for kids to practice their handwriting and writing skills
Push Pin Pre-Writing Activity for Kids - Planning Playtime
Pre-Writing Activity for Kids
two pieces of paper cut out of the shape of a house on a green background
Das Schreibhaus für die Erstklässler
a printable worksheet with sheep and numbers
schrijfpatroon schapen voor kleuters, , sheep writing pattern for preschool , free printable.:
a coloring page with an image of a tractor and the letter i on it's side
Druckbare aktivitäten. Une Linien und Färben das bild 24
Druckbare aktivitäten Une Linien und Färben das bild 24
an image of a paper rocket ship that is cut out and ready to be colored
Lisää harjoituksia
the worksheet to learn how to draw spirals for children in english and spanish
Spiralen nachfahren und unterscheiden
Spiralen, Arbeitsblatt, Wahrnehmung, Legasthenie, Dyskalkulie, Eltern, Kinder, Lehrer, Aufmerksamkeit, Feinmotorik, Hand-Auge-Koordination
the four pencils are lined up and ready to be written in each language,
a cross stitch pattern with different colors and lines on the same line, as well as numbers
Simetri Çizme Etkinlikleri-1.Sınıf,2.Sınıf,3.Sınıf Simetri Çalışması
Pattern reproduction on graph paper with fading cues. Great idea for pencil control skills - and visual skills, as well!
an image of a graphing sheet with different shapes and lines in the form of arrows
Retrouvez vos fiches préférées sur Fiches Pédagogiques
Des frises géométriques à continuer puis à colorier en respectant des algorithmes simples.
a printable worksheet for children to practice numbers
Mein verrücktes Nachfahrheft, Nachfahrheft, Nachfahren, Nachspuren, Schwungübungen, Vorschule, Grundschule, Schreibschrift, Druckschrift, Eltern, Kinder, Legasthenie, Dyskalkulie, AFS-Methode, Koujou, Stephany Koujou