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an image of children's music with the words die bumen tanzen rock'n'roll
Bücher über Musik
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the letters and numbers are arranged in rows
RHYTHM LESSON 8 - Reading Notation
Music Lessons for the Young Child: RHYTHM LESSON 8 - Reading Notation
the cover of let's play music, with children in different colors on it
The Do Re Mi Staircase - Let's Play Music
Do Re Mi Activities : The Do Re Mi Staircase - Let's Play Music
an assortment of musical instruments sitting on top of a black mat with white lines in the background
Make a Bop-o-phone for Boomwhackers
I might actually use the boomwhackers I have in this format... Musical Magic: Make a Bop-o-phone for Boomwhackers
a young boy holding two plastic baseball bats
Boomwhackers in Music Class
List of different ways to use BWs in class: lots of rhythmic ways, not just "play a song."
two sheet music notes with the words boomjacker and sheet music
Great site with Boomwhacker songs!
a white sign with yellow hand prints on it
Magnetic Hand Signs
Music with Mrs. Dennis: Magnetic Hand Signs FREE DOWNLOAD
an image of music notes in the middle of a sheet with words and numbers on it
Great for subs! Musical hidden picture- color all the quarter notes to reveal a picture.
a sheet of paper with music notes cut out to spell the word's name
Music - Rhythm Value lookbook
music notes and musical staffs are arranged in the form of letters, numbers, and symbols About Me » Alisha Gabriel's Website
Music Post Office - Quarter Rest - Fun game to play with any grade level to assess their rhythm listening and reading skills
several different types of hands with the words do and don't in each hand
Solfege hand signs