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a bed sitting on top of a wooden platform next to a window in a room
Karup Japan Bed Lit
small colorful boxes with houses on them are lined up in a row against a white background
jace and judy 🦀🐸 on X: "we made a sweet drink carton to hold your teas! 🍵 ✨ early bird pricing is $20 for a limited time! ✨ ☕ reposts are appreciated! ☕" / X
an ornate column in the middle of a room with pink and blue tiles on it
Interior Hospital Sant Pau, Barcelona Catalonia
the room is filled with different colored squares and couches in front of large windows
an assortment of colorful glass balls hanging from a gold pole
Jamie Harris, Circles and Lines Chandelier VI, USA, 2023 - Todd Merrill Studio