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a person typing on a laptop with the text what to deduct from your taxes if you're pregnant
What Every Pregnant Person Needs to Know About Doing Taxes This Year
a jar filled with liquid sitting on top of a table
Labor Aide: A Replenishing Drink To Get You Through Labor | Ashley Marie Farm and Bakery
A labor aide drink to get you through the toughest workout of your life (having a baby) and replenish your body after delivery.
a pregnant couple standing in the water at sunset
Kylee Gown - Sheer Lace and Chiffon Maternity Gown | Beach maternity pictures, Beach maternity photos, Maternity photography beach
a little boy sitting on top of a hospital bed holding a stuffed animal next to a sign
How Your Child's Birth Order Affects Your Parenting Style
a professional resume template with an image of a woman's face and the words, health
Birth Plan Template / Simple Birth Plan / Natural Birth Plan / Birth Plan Editable / Canva
This easy-to edit-birth plan template is fully customizable in Canva and takes away the headache of researching all the things you need to know to make a plan from scratch! It comes with 20 FREE affirmation cards with your purchase so you can have an empowering birth!
two women sitting at a table covered in cupcakes and doughnuts with the words headband station on it
Not a fan of Baby Shower Games? Here's a list of alternatives
the baby shower activities your guests will love are rocks in a basket with writing on them
Strictly Baby Shower Activities, Not Games
a calendar with writing on it sitting on top of a counter
85+ Unique Baby Shower Game Ideas (That Are Actually Fun)