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someone is drawing something on the paper with a marker and inking it in black
ANJALI SINGH I Botanical Artist on Instagram: "How to make a perfect spiral 🌀 It’s simple right? . . . #drawingtutorial #learnart #arttutorial #learnbasics #drawingbasics #inkillustration #inked #indianartist"
an abstract drawing with black and white lines in the center, on top of a sheet of paper
Longstride Illustration | Chloe Gendron on Instagram: "Master studies of Gustave Doré engravings textures from the illustrated pages of Dante’s Divine Comedy. Using a Speedball Hunt 102 crow quill. #dippendrawing #penandinkdrawing #dippenandink #inking #drawingprocess #penandink #gustavedore #gustavedoré #textures #clouddrawing #traditionaldrawing"
two batteries and a pen sitting on top of a wooden table
Proko on Instagram: "The type you use will depend on your medium and the paper you use. I use a kneaded rubber eraser but here are some other types used by artists from the Repin Academy, comic artists and more! Art by @leoniyaokun, @danielwarrenart and @stephenbaumanartwork #howtodraw #erasers #comicart #pencils #charcoalart #pencilart #sketchbook"
a child's drawing of a man with his mouth open
Laurie McIntosh | Kindergarten Teacher on Instagram: "Could these kindergarten drawings BE any cuter than this? (said in my best Chandler Bing voice…) Website: https://sketch.metademolab.com/ Have fun, let me know if you try it and tag me in all your animations! 😍❤️ #kidart #kidanimation #kidsactivities #activitiesforkids #teachergram #teacherinspiration #teach #teachersfollowteachers #iteachkinders"
Sveta 🇺🇦 nature inspired artist on Instagram: "Enjoy your day, give a try those flowers! Like and share to show me you like them 🩷🩷🩷#howtodrawflowers #inkflowers" Flowers, Nature, Enjoy Your Day, Like And Share, Show Me, Flower Drawing, Nature Inspired, Nature Inspiration
Sveta 🇺🇦 nature inspired artist on Instagram: "Enjoy your day, give a try those flowers! Like and share to show me you like them 🩷🩷🩷#howtodrawflowers #inkflowers"
the numbers are drawn in different ways to make it look like they have been written on paper
a person holding a yellow object in front of colored pencils and writing on paper that says, i want to learn to draw gold in your coloring pages? my video will help
How to Draw GOLD | Easy Colored Pencil Technique for Adult Coloring Pages
This step-by-step gold drawing tutorial will bring some shine to your adult coloring pages and drawings! Learn how to draw gold with colored pencils and some simple coloring and blending techniques. Check it out at sarahrenaeclark.com
two hands holding pens over a piece of paper that says drawing with two hands activates both parts of the brain
Daria Bogdanova on Instagram: "Does drawing with two hands boosts creativity? What if it does? How quickly? 🤔 I have been drawing like this for a few days. Mostly doing some lines and symmetrical objects, leaves, flowers. And I notice how every time it gets easier. It’s a lot of fun! I can’t say for sure what it does to my creativity but I’m definitely adding it to my drawing practice 😊✍🏻 Let me know what you think! Have you ever done it? . #drawingtutorials #howtodraw #drawingexercise"
a hand holding a bunch of brushes in it's palm and the words, 11 must have brushes
-VAISHALI 🧿 on Instagram: "11 must have brushes swatch done for you guys🤎 Drop a ♥️ if you found it informative. All the brushes from @stationerie Links in the bio🔗 Use code: vaishali10 for 10% discount on the website ♥️ [artsupplies, brushes, swatches, flat brush, petal brush, round brush, paint brushes, informative] #reels #trendingreels #viralreels #trending #brushes"
three different types of embroidery designs
Drawing the Acanthus Leaf - Lost Art Press
Drawing the Acanthus Leaf | Lost Art Press