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a close up of a spider with a rainbow painted on it's head and eyes
80 Stunning and Magnificient Examples of Macro Photography - Pi Queen
80 Stunning and Magnificient Examples of Macro Photography | Pi Queen
a close up of a bug on a black background
an image of the back side of a peacock's tail feathers are blue and green
Extreme Macro – Butterfly Wings By Chris Perani
macro photography awesome #MacroPhotographyTips
a stuffed animal is standing on top of a piece of green grass and looking down at the ground
Award-winning images of some of the world's smallest life forms
This little critter is known as a water bear or a Tardigrade. In 2008 they were the first animal demonstrated to be able to survive the vacuum of space. They are virtually indestructible survive being blasted with radiation, intense pressures & years of desiccation. Specimens were launched into space by Swedish scientists & they returned unharmed after 8 days.
a colorful fish floating in the water at night
Tiny Beauties: Visions From Under the Microscope | TIME.com
Tiny Beauties: Visions From Under the Microscope | TIME.com
an image of a colorful dragon on a black background
These Photos Of Underwater Creatures Will Blow Your Mind
Perinereis nuntia (aka voted most beautiful worm) by Alexander Semenov underwater photography. Find his work on Flickr, too. Idea: pieced and applique quilting.
an animal's cell structure is shown in this 3d image, it appears to be colorful
Life's Littlest Pleasures Make Amazing Microscope Photos
Taken by Igor Siwanowicz, the photo shows the open trap of an aquatic carnivorous plant known as a humped bladderwort (Utricularia gibba).
an overhead view of some colorful objects in the water
Bruce Riley’s Science Fiction, at Miller Gallery
an image of some kind of plant that is in the dark
27 Of The Most Amazing Science Photos Of 2016
The International Space Station, sharks, and a multicoloured lizard with a stick.
the structure of an animal's cell is shown in blue and purple colors, with white
Populus Stem Cross Section Cut Under Stock Photo 1189570183 | Shutterstock
an art work with colorful colors and bubbles on the surface, as well as a circular object
lilith detail 15
lilith detail 15 | by Bruce Riley
an abstract painting of trees with different colored leaves and branches in the foreground, against a black background
Stunning molecular biology illustrations look like floral abstract art
Hemostasis. Hand-drawn watercolor illustration from David Goodsell, a molecular biology Professor at the Scripps Research Institute.
an abstract painting with red and blue circles
Ceiling of Plankton by CAMartin on DeviantArt
Ceiling of Plankton by CAMartin.deviantart.com on @deviantART