Kroatien Zadar

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an aerial view of the city and harbor at sunset with boats on the water in the distance
Zadar - Sehenswürdigkeiten und Highlights in der Hafenstadt
an alley way with brick buildings and potted plants on the side, under a blue sky
Zadar Old Town
people walking down an alley way with flags flying in the air and buildings on either side
the sun is setting over the ocean with a sailboat in the foreground and another boat on the water
the water is choppy and foamy next to some steps
an alley way with buildings and a clock tower in the distance on a sunny day
Backstreets of Zadar
an alley way with shops and signs on the side of it, surrounded by cobblestone streets
Sights and Sounds of Zadar, Croatia - Our World for You
a group of people standing on top of a tiled floor next to the ocean at sunset
a vodka bottle sitting on top of a bed
Aesthetic Vodka Croatia