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some lemons and yogurt are sitting on a cutting board with the words, somme
sommerliche und erfrischende Zitronencreme
Diese erfrischende und schnelle Zitronencreme im Glas besteht aus selbstgemachtem Lemon Curd und Mascarponecreme. Die Kombination von Säure und cremiger Süsse ist einfach perfekt für sonnige Tage. Für mich ist sie einfach die beste Zitronencreme, die es gibt.
many lit candles are on the ground near water
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partydeko - laternen treppen nacht
there is a vase with flowers in it and pictures on the table next to it
there is a bottle that has some kind of thing in it on top of the table
Schnelle und einfache Tischdeko: Gartenparty für den Mann!
a table set up for a party with balloons and streamers on the grass in front of it
Gartenparty: Dekoideen für eine tolle Feier!
an outdoor bar made out of wooden pallets with plants and decorations on the top
two baskets with forks and spoons are sitting on a table next to some flowers
a watermelon cake with berries and strawberries on top
Watermelon Cake
I'm so excited to share this Watermelon Cake! And don't worry, my 2-year-old son and 92-year-old grandmother greatly enjoyed the extra watermelon. They both sat and snacked on it while watching me build this cake made entirely of fruit and topped with more fruit and fresh mint leaves. I secured the watermelon cake with long wooden skewers and attached the fruit with wooden toothpicks. We had a large family gathering with Roger's family that night and cutting it was as simple as slicing and serving. The toothpicks in the fruit can be removed when serving or left in the berries to be used/served as finger food. What's your favorite fruit will you add to your Watermelon Cake this summer?