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Water color/Calligraphy Brush Pens Set / Bullet Journal Highlighters/Markers
an open card with writing on it and a teddy bear in the corner next to it
Glückwunschkarte zur Geburt III
an outdoor table with water running from it and plants growing in the center, surrounded by gravel
the table is made out of wood and has water running from it's center
16 Menschen, die einen ziemlich eigenwilligen Geschmack haben
the inside of a restaurant with tables, chairs and flowers hanging from the ceiling above
10 Most Instagrammable Restaurants In Liverpool - Society19 UK
a long table is set with wine glasses and place settings under a chandelier
an open glass window with trees and plants in it
Contemporary Room Dividers That Will Add Style To Your Home
a table topped with lots of slices of wood next to a cup and saucer
Baumscheiben Deko - exzellente Ideen für Ihr Haus
some type of pastry on a wooden plate
French Toast Rolls | Nutellabrot Frühstück
Die Rinde der Toastbrotscheiben abschneiden. Mit einem Nudelholz die Toastscheiben platt rollen. Eier mit Milch in einer Schüssel verquirlen. Zucker und Zimt in einem Teller vermischen. Toastbrote mit Nutella bestreichen und eng aufrollen. Das komplette Rezept und die Zutatenliste findet Ihr unter dem Link: