Quilts: Quilting Ideas, including free motion and straight line

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a drawing of black and white lines with circles on them
FMQ Weekly: Loopy Lines design for beginning quilters
Curso Costura Criativa
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how to quilt on an orange peel pattern with instructions for the design and sewing process
Year of Machine Quilting
a black and white line drawing of an abstract flower design on a sheet of paper
an image of a cross stitched design on a piece of paper with squares in the background
an abstract design with black and white squares in the center, on a gray background
Machine Quilting Dilemma
a close up of a purple and white quilt
a person is making an art project out of rolled up paper and plastic tubes on a wooden table
How to Make a Quilt Sandwch Using Pool Noodles.
Make A Quilt Sandwich With Pool Noodles
a black and white drawing of a leaf
Log Cabin Feather Half Block
the letter f with flowers and leaves is outlined in black on a white paper background
Log Cabin Flower and Leaf_block-L00601