Quilts: Placemats, Runners, Mug Rugs, Potholders

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a close up of a bed with a quilt on the bottom and an applique above it
740 Incredible Quilting ideas in 2022 | quilt patterns, quilts, quilting projects
the table runner is made from strips of fabric and has colorful designs on it, including hot air balloons
the table runner is decorated with colorful quilts on it's sides and a white bowl sitting on top
Fresh Dew Drops: Avalon leftovers - a pretty little runner
a quilted table runner on top of a counter
Batik Table Runner
four denim coasters sitting on top of a wooden table next to a coffee cup
an image of cat placemats made out of patchwork and wooden spoons
Cat Coaster Sewing Pattern
Cat Coaster Sewing Pattern
two quilted placemats sitting on top of a white bed covered in black and yellow fabric
New Baby Quilt...
a close up of a piece of cloth on a wooden table with black and white designs
Authentic Mug Rug Front
a close up of a piece of fabric on a wooden floor with pine cones and needles