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a hand holding a cup with something in it
Experiment mit Zisch und Knall: Raketen basteln für Kinder
a young boy holding a pink hair dryer in his right hand and looking at the grass
Kannte ich bisher nur mit Toi-Papier-Rollen... so natürlich viel stabiler ;o) Taburettli: "Schiessbüchse"
four pieces of tin foil sitting on top of each other in the shape of a rocket ship
someone is holding two sticks with yarn on them and they are pointing at each other
Wie man eine Steinschleuder für Kinder herstellt l DIY-Anleitung zur Herstellung einer Steinschleuder für Kinder in 16 einfachen Schritten | homify
an orange ballon with tape, string and clothes pins attached to it in the grass
Balloon Rocket Races
two people are holding balloons on a string