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some white balls are sitting on a glass tray with lights in them and one is lit up
a green vase with leaves on it sitting on a white tableclothed surface in the shape of a ball
a lamp that is on top of a table
Extraordinary, Handcrafted CALABARTE Lamp Overview | Unique Decorative Art & The Art of Light
a close up view of a decorative object
Handcrafted CALABARTE Lamp "Ailsa" | Distinctive Beauty and Unique Light
a bird is perched on top of a large clay pot that has been carved to look like a flower
An inspiration gourd project for beginning gourd carvers
a wooden ball with designs on it
a ceramic vase that has been decorated with colorful designs on the outside, and inside
Welcome to Kristen's Gourd Creations | Kristen's Gourd Creations
a colorful vase sitting on top of a metal stand next to a potted plant