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an airplane flying in the sky with numbers on it
an airplane is flying in the sky with numbers 2 and 3 on it's side
an airplane flying in the sky with number one on it
the number three is shown in black and white
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10"
the number two is black on a white background
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10"
the number one is black and white in color
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10"
an image of a diagram with people working on computers and other things in the background
Wireframes Magazine » User Journeys
User journeys
the storyboard shows how people are talking to each other and using their cell phones
ux storyboards
ux storyboards - Google Search
the instructions for how to use an automated car washer and hand sanitizer
Project : Hyundai Purchasing Experience Type : UX, User journey For : Hyundai automobile (In Vectorform) My job on this project was to illustrate the user journey for Hyundai purchasing experience. It involves a web service, mobile...
a series of illustrations depicting different types of food
User scenario
an info sheet describing the different types of food
user centered solving problem - Design Thinking Action Lab | Stanford University
Visual thinking - Happy users. If you like UX, design, or design thinking, check out