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two mason jars with stars on them sitting on a table
a fake pine cone is sitting on top of a newspaper next to a potted plant
Crafter's Delights
Pine cone Christmas tree
three sheep made out of yarn sitting on top of a piece of cloth next to each other
stamp stamps are being used on cookies and other things to make them look like they're
Make One of These Amazing Gingerbread Houses on Your Next Snow Day
Love this idea
two pictures side by side, one with candles and the other with candy canes
Adventskalender Türchen Nr.12 ~ Lila-Lotta - Wachslichter DIY
four different types of rope tied together on wooden boards
DIY Easy Knot Key Holder
DIY Easy Knot Key Holder//
there are many blue fish on the plate
Love Life!: Würfelzucker DIY
three snowmen made out of toilet paper rolls
Snowman Family {Guest Post by Tasha}
- 8' 4 x 4 post yields 6, fabric scraps. paint distress. Lovely Little Snippets: Snowman Family {Guest Post by Tasha}
some white snowflakes are laying on a table next to a bag of beads
an orange and green ball with string wrapped around it on top of a white table
[Christbaumkugeln basteln] Advent, Winter & Weihnachten ☆
Bastelanleitung für Kinder: Christbaumkugel - Schritt 5
three pictures of different colored beads hanging from a tree branch with stars in the background
Weihnachtsschmuck -
Deko-Objekte - Farbenfrohes Treibholz-Regenbogen-Filz-Mobile - ein Designerstück von Mei-Lynn bei DaWanda
two cookie tins shaped like the letter j and a star are sitting on a table
2. Zwischenstopp im Keksuniversum - Pearl City
:: zweimalB :: Ein Reise durch das Keksuniversum - DIY für Anhänger aus Bügelperlen, geformt mit Ausstechern
some white sugar cubes sitting on top of each other
Snowball Candleholders (Dollar Store candle holders + Modge podge + Epsom Salt)
an ornament made out of glass and seeds
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:: zweimalB :: DIY für birdy cookies - kleine Anhänger aus Vogelfutter - this one uses coconut oil instead of a flour water combo - which in our experience has caused molding - I think as long as these were outside when its cold they would work great... hard to give as gifts though :-/