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a black and white drawing of a monster with its hands in the air, looking like he
Les émotions - A la très très petite maternelle
two plants in a bag with the words happy written on it, attached to a wall
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Grow beans in a bag so kids and see how they grow.
several different colored shapes on a tile floor
Комментарии к теме
the paper is cut out to look like a train and some shapes are on top of it
Atividades com formas geométricas na Educação Infantil
four glass jars with colored paper triangles in them on a white surface next to three empty bottles
Tante idee con il medesimo scopo: insegnare i colori | autismocomehofatto
an open suitcase filled with lots of small toys and plants on top of green grass
Forest gnomes - suitcase set made by
several different colored gnomes sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other
Deko aus holz basteln
a little boy that is standing in front of a window with some papers on it
Actividades para aprender matemáticas y números en casa - Mons Petits
a piece of paper cut out to look like shapes and numbers on a wooden table
15 Ideias de Brinquedos Reciclados Educativos para Fazer em Casa - Revista Artesanato
a christmas tree made out of green paper with numbers on it and a yellow ball
Christmas Tree Learning Activities for Toddlers & PreK
an image of a christmas tree made out of stickers on a table with chairs
Atividades de Natal para trabalhar a coordenação motora