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two homemade handprinted garden stones sitting in the grass next to a bottle of lotion
Homemade Handprint Garden Stones - Ava's Alphabet
two cement stepping stones with imprints on the ground next to some plants and flowers
Deko Ideen mit Steinen im Garten
a white ceramic ornament with a baby's hand and foot imprint on it
Banner My Pure Touch Baby Art
four handprinted ceramic tags with names and pictures on them for baby's birth
TheBabyHandprintCo - Etsy
a foot print in the middle of a cake pan with white icing on it
DIY Stepping Stones: Kids Footprint Keepsakes- With DIY Cement Molds! - Making Things is Awesome
two white ceramic plates with hand and foot prints on the top one is for each child
a hand holding a pink and white ceramic ornament next to a green plant