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a white paper bird with a blue ribbon around it's neck and name tag
there is a card with a rose on it next to a small potted plant
a card with a feather on it sitting on top of a wooden table next to a white wall
there is a card with the word bride on it
902 Trauerkarte
two greeting cards with green leaves on them
Trauerkarten #2
a card that has been altered to look like snowflakes on the inside of it
Blog Hop-Trauerkarten
a greeting card with a watercolor painting of a single rose on it's side
two cards with flowers and a cross on them
Kreative Kränze – ein paar Trauerkarten…
two cards with black and white paper tied to them, one has a dandelion on it
zwei Trauerkarten
a piece of paper with an angel's wing on it that says, our salvation is my strength
two cards that have flowers on them
Ein paar weitere Trauerkarten…