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a circular fire pit in the middle of a snow covered field with trees around it
cercle-feu-alpes-06 - La boite verte
the stairs are covered in snow at night
an empty hallway with no people in it
Took this in a gym, close to where I work
an abstract image of some buildings and water
the inside of a large building with an escalator in it's center
🌚Images with Elegiac Auras🖤 on Twitter
an empty hallway with blue lights and signs on the walls, in front of a dark background
Empty Cinema
a large room with couches, tables and fish on the wall in it's center
a red and white truck parked on the side of a road next to a green house
an empty room with yellow walls and carpeted flooring is seen in this image
Empty Office space in my workplace
an empty room with grass in the floor and windows on the wall, next to a white building
Chris AKA "Michael Synergy" on X
an empty building with stairs and planters in the foreground, lights on above
Liminal Spaces: The Era of Realizing False Promises
the inside of a fast food restaurant with tables and chairs
Target 1990s