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two pieces of food on a white plate
Food in Uzbekistan: 21 Traditional Uzbek Dishes You Must Try
there is a cake with fruit on it
How To Make Uzbek Honey Cake - Medovik | Honey Cake Recipe
How To Make Uzbek Honey Cake – Medovik
a person sitting on a rock looking out over a lake with mountains in the background
5 Exciting Things to do in Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Tomatoes and cucumbers are a staple food for vegetarians in Uzbekistan
Vegetarian food in Uzbekistan – a guide for vegetarian travellers
We have been travelling to Uzbekistan as vegetarians for nearly 20 years. Finding vegetarian food in Uzbekistan can be quite a challenge. But things changed for the better over the years. Read what you can expect in terms of vegetarian food in Uzbekistan in 2022.