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a bowl filled with stew and carrots on top of a table
Ricardo Daniel Araya
a person is spooning some meat into a bowl
93K views · 798 reactions | Next time you cook meat, try this easy and delicious recipe #cooking #recipe #easyrecipe #quickrecipes #cook #meat #dinner #fyp | Quickrecipes US | Quickrecipes US · Original audio
a large pizza sitting on top of a pan covered in cheese and veggies
798K views · 8.8K reactions | Pizza express🍕🍕🍕 Quick pizza Toast bread Pizza sauce (sauce of your choice) Cheese, (3 cheeses in one mozzarella, comte, emontal, (mozzarella, emmental, comte) (mozzarella, emmental, comte) Sausage bell pepper Olives optional In a preheated oven for 15 minutes at 210C. | Aiza Itaeva | Aiza Itaeva · Original audio
a person is spooning some food into a pan
235K views · 2.7K reactions | Super easy and Delicious roasted potatoes 🥔 #easyrecipe #comfortfood #potatoes #ovenroastedpotatoes | Kitchen Uproar | Kitchen Uproar · Original audio
a white casserole dish with cheese and spinach in it, on a wooden cutting board
686K views · 20K reactions | My most viral recipe! I forgot how delicious it is 😋 #tortellini #easydinner #viralrecipe #dinner #meal #familymeal #easycooking #dinnerrecipe #viraldinner #pasta #cooking | Brooke AKA Meals and Munchies
a kitchen counter top that has bananas and apples in the background with text overlay reading add tips on how to use it
233K views · 1.2K reactions | This is recipe for perfect Yorkshire Pudding everytime!! DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN 😅😅 That's the most important part | barbhomekitchen | Sabrina Carpenter · Espresso
some meat and vegetables in a pot on a wooden table with carrots, onions and rosemary
Kitchen Flavors
a large piece of roast beef on a plate with sauce and garnishes
Poor Man's Prime Rib: A Budget-Friendly Feast
a plate with meat and vegetables on it next to the words lamb loin roast with anchovies, lemon & fennel
Lamb Loin Roast With Anchovies, Lemon & Fennel
Lamb loin roasts are perfect for when you’re short on time or looking to feed up to 4 people. This simple marinade adds a hit of flavour, using anchovies, rosemary and lemon. Roast it in the oven with crispy spuds, onion and fennel and you’ve got yourself a restaurant quality dinner in under an hour. Trust us, anchovy haters won’t even have a clue they’re in the dish — they just add a great savoury, salty flavour to the lamb.
passage to india korma summer sauce
Korma Marinated Lamb Shoulder with Spinach Lentils | myfoodbook with Passage to India
4h 10m
a white plate topped with meat covered in rice and greens next to two glasses of beer
Korma Marinated Lamb Shoulder with Spinach Lentils | myfoodbook with Passage to India
4h 10m
sausages and peppers in a skillet with herbs
Kitchen Flavors
a close up of a pan of food with meat and vegetables
Coconut Lamb Curry
2h 30m