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a red and white background with an abstract image of a person standing on top of a hill
Role – Lead Animator Agency – Mr. President Production Company – Not To Scale Directed By – Chris Dooley Designer – Sean Mcclintock Additional…
a man wearing goggles standing in front of a wall with an abstract painting on it
Adobe x Keith Haring | Creativity For All
Photoshop brushes inspired by Keith Haring’s chalk, markers, paint, and more. #adobexkeithharing
Motion content for Olipop by Knotably Studio
Fresh batch of short form motion ads for Olipop by Knotably Studio
Daniel Cordero - Fkn Around
an image of two people with their faces in the shape of a house and water
Berri Txarrak - Music Video
Music video for "Zerbait Asmatugo Dugu" by Berri Txarrak. Direction & Animation: Joseba Elorza. Music: Berri Txarrak. Album: Denbora da poligrafo bakarra.
Gifs – For Dropbox & California Sunday Magazine
a drawing of a woman's face with pink and green lines on it, in front of a white background
Burnin' Coal / Micro Video Art No. 1
Organic forms, asymmetry & dynamism via deft brush presets. My process research for current advertising project has hatched this new micro art video. 1st in…
Golden Venum Celebrates Both The Mystical And Magical
a man wearing a hat and hoodie with the word brand over his face in front of him