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the sun is setting behind a large ship in the ocean with it's sails down
Vintage, Animation, Desktop Wallpaper, Dark Wallpaper, Wallpaper, Army Pics, Photo, This Photo, I Saw
40++ Mobile, Laptop and Desktop Wallpaper HD (High Resolution) #3
the battleship is surrounded by fog and birds on it's back deck, as seen from below
Archillect on Twitter
Military, War, War Image, Modern War, Warfare, Soldier, Military History, Afghanistan, Historical Photos
/fa/ - Fashion - Page 9
two men in gas masks standing next to each other
Image from page 68 of "Chemical development Section [and] Mechanical Research and Development Section; summary of achievements, 1917-1918" (1918)
Firearms, Ak47, Weapons Guns, Military Weapons, Tactical Gear, Ak 74, Military Guns, Assault Rifle, Weapon
AK-47 / AKM / AK-74
Soviet Soldier 1944
Soviet Soldier 1944
War Photography, Soviet Soldier, Soviet Army, The Soviet Union, Soviet Union Aesthetic, Soviet Women
Images of the Soviet Union: People
a group of men in uniform looking at something on a metal object with people standing around it
Eastern Bloc militaries: Photo
two tanks driving down a dirt road
Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger
an old airplane is flying over the water