a black leather cuff with braiding on the end and an eyeglass case attached to it

Bison Leather Wrap Cuff, Jason Mamoa Style Leather Cuff, Men's Women's Cuff W/ Braided Deerskin Ties & Bison Button, Gypsy Cowboy, BUSAJJA - Etsy

◘ B U S A J J A ◘ [manliness, strength] He asked for a Jason Momoa style leather cuff; wild and messy, primal and adventurous. A cuff that wraps around the wrist and ties. He wanted it to be organic looking, simple in design and made with a crinkled leather. So... I imagined what it would be like to be a leather worker with access to only two tools; a blade and fire. I designed a leather cuff that uses no metal or machine made hardware. The button is handmade from the grain portion of a…


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