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MARIGLOD STRUTS HOUSE 44’ x 64', 2,816 square feet, 3 Beds, 1 Sofa Bed, 2 Baths, Wraparound Covered Porch
Tiny House, Tiny House Plans, House Plans, 3 Bed, 2 Bath House, Small House Plans, Modern House Plans, Modern Tiny House, Tiny House Plan
We provide continuous Technical Support after your purchase. Feel free to ask us anything. We will try our best to solve your problems for you. : )
Description of Digital Download:
1 Complete Set of Digital Blueprints of Modern 2 Levels, 3 Bed, 2 Bath House,
• 3D Color Renderings x 4 Views
• Plan,
• Loft Plan,
• Elevations x 4,
• Sections x 2,
• Floor Frame Plans x 2,
• Roof Frame Plan,
• 3 Enlarged Construction Details,
• Materials List with estimated quantities.
• Format in Digital JPEG or PDF in A4 size
Diagonal Watermarks will not be visible in the downloaded files you purchase.
Electrical, Plumbing and Sewerage Diagrams are sold separately.
Advantages of this Design:
3 Beds, 2 Bath Modern House, Flexible Design, You can adjust the length of the house to any suitable length. (Fixed Width = 44')
All materials are available off-the-shelf from your local hardware stores. Sizes are standard easily –available sizes. We don’t use any specialist materials that are hard to source.
All of our roofs are sloping to eliminate rain, snow and leaves accumulating on them. We use roof overhangs to prevent rain/snow splash and summer sun from heating up the house.
We designed this house for to maximize your land use. You will get a full loft floor, entire house under one roof. Every part of the house gets a view outside. The build-up area vs. materials used is very high and efficient. In other words, you get more living area for your bucks.
It has a generous covered porch area that can be used as dining, sitting and exercise space. It’s a very flexible use of space. High windows are designed for natural light penetration to the house. The living area, kitchen, toilets, dining are all on the same level. Sleeping area is at the loft above. Solar panels can be installed on the roof.
The architecture is unique and elegant. The materials and colors are designed to complement your environment.
It can be extended at the front and rear end in future.
Description of House:
Level 1:
• Generous Covered Porch
• Living,
• Dining,
• 2 bedrooms,
• Bathroom,
• Kitchen,
• Laundry,
• Bath,
• Closets / Storage / Pantry,
• 2 bedrooms,
Level 2:
• 1 Bedroom,
• Family Room,
• Bath,
• 3 Walk-in Closet / Storage,
Level 1:
Enclosed (With Walls) Building Area = 32’ x 40' = 1,280 square feet.
Covered Porch (No Walls, C- Shape) = 12' Wide = 1,536 square feet.
Level 2:
Enclosed (With Walls) Building Area = 20’ x 40' = 800 square feet.
Total Enclosed Area (With Walls, Level 1 + Level 2) = 16' x 40' = 2,080 square feet.
Total Covered Footprint Area = 44' x 64' = 2,816 square feet.
Overall footprint of house is = 44’ x 64' = 2,816 square feet.
Metal Frame, dry floor and wall construction (cement fiber board, timber board, glass, plywood, etc.), Metal or Shingles roofing, Concrete Footings, Metal stumps, Insulation Batts with Sisalation Foil or Spray-On Insulation Foam.
Estimated Costs (Ballpark Figures only):
South = @ $190 to $225 /SF = $535,000 to $634,000
Midwest = @ $120 to $350 /SF = $338,000 to $986,000
Northeast = @ $220 to $330 /SF = $620,000 to $930,000
West = @ $120 to $320 /SF = $338,000 to $900,000
Costs of materials only = USD120, 000. (For owners who are building this house without hired labor)
Building Design:
There are 3 ways you can get a Building Design:
A) Buy our Ready-Made Plan or
B) We Modify a Ready-Made Plan for you or
C) Commission us to Design a New one for you.
2a. Buy A Ready-Made Building Plan; Instant Digital Download. (See Etsy Shop: ArchitectChin,
• Tiny House Plan 250
• 3 Bed House Plan 420
One house plan is licensed for 1 house only. Add USD80 for each additional house planned.
2b. We Modify a Ready-Made Plan For You:
After you purchase a Ready-Made Plan (Tiny House Series only) and If you need to modify a Ready-Made Plan:
Minor Modification to Ready-Made Plan (Width (Gable Side) remains the same, Length is modified; i.e. the building shape remains, it becomes longer or shorter.):
a) A simple thumbnail pencil sketch to modify it is FREE (1 Plan and 1 Elevation.).
Minor Modification to Ready-Made Plan (Width (Gable Side) remains the same, Length is modified; i.e. the building shape remains, it becomes longer or shorter.):
A set of CAD drawings changes to a standard 2 D drawings (i.e. plans x 2, elevations x 4, and sections x 2) will be 600 USD. No 3D views. 600
2c. Commission Us To Design A New One For You:
(New Set of Plan. i.e. Width (Gable Side) changes, Length is modified. i.e. All dimensions differ from the Ready- Made Plans):
• 1 Level House #Complete Set of Drawings 3,738
• 2 Levels House #Complete Set of Drawings 4,438
• 3 Levels House #Complete Set of Drawings 4,938
#A New Set of Plan in 2D (i.e. Plans x 2, Elevations x 4, Sections x 2, 3 Enlarged details, Floor Frame Plans, Roof Frame Plan, Material List) and 3D views (2 Interior and 2 Exterior views).
The 1st draft will be ready in 3 weeks. It’s about 6 to 8 weeks work in total. This is a commissioned work. No purchase of Standard Plan is required.
Let me know which option works best for you and I will try my best to accommodate your request.
Architect Chin
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Let me know which option works best for you and I will try my best to accommodate your request.
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Architect Chin
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