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Rope Incense Burner | Palo Santos Wood Burner | Wellness Burner

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Turning off and switching on to what matters most to you in the world is what coming home is all about. With help from our exclusive burner, you can embrace the important things in life by soothing your senses and allowing the events of the day to simply drift away. As you sit back and see them going over the horizon, you’ll know you’ve treated your senses to the perfect blend of peace and calm. It’s what searching for your own personal resonant aromas is all about after all...
- Use your rope incense burner in any room in the house to feel at ease and at peace
- Can also be used to burn Palo Santos wood for an effortlessly natural experience
- Designed to promote spiritual health and wellness in every aspect of your life
- Gives your mind a break and your energy a lift whenever you need it to
- A stylish look that’s sure to create a talking point as soon as you put it on display
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