two place mats with forks and spoons on them
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Purple Berries Placemats (Set of 2) - Purple Leaves And Flowers by huelillydesigns - Garden Foliage Botanical Cloth Placemats by Spoonflower

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A unique set of 2 cloth placemats for special occasions, events and daily use. Available in three fabric options, mix and match sets of various patterns to create a unique tablescape.
Placemat Size: 19" x 13"
Placemat set contains 2 placemats
Each placemat features a folded hem, mitered corners, and double topstitch detail in white thread
◆ Cotton Sateen - Lovely lightweight 100% cotton option with a slight sheen that offers a luxe, formal option.
◆ Linen-Cotton Canvas - Unique natural texture with a matte finish. serves as a natural everyday placemat that will get softer with use.
◆ Basketweave Cotton Canvas - 100% natural cotton canvas featuring a sophisticated woven texture. Incredibly durable and soft.
Purple Leaves And Flowers by huelillydesigns
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The design is featured on one side.
All placemat sets feature prints by independent surface design artists from around the world, and custom-printed and sewn in the USA.
Please note, while we have done our best to accurately represent the color, colors may render on a computer screen differently than they do on printed fabric.
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