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Custom quiet book baby Felt toddler busy book Montessori fabric activity book 1-4 years

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Custom felt quiet book for baby it is Montessori fabric activity. Busy toddler book is develops fine motor skills, imagination, thinking, speech and other useful skills.
Quiet book consists of a cover (free), a selected number of activity pages (the number of pages your choose) and back cover (if your choose an even number of pages).
4 page - 92$
5 page - 107$
6 pages - 122$
7 pages - 138$
8 pages - 153$
9 pages - 170$
10 pages - 185$
11 pages - 200$
12 pages - 215$
14 pages - 240$
16 pages - 270$
18 pages - 295$
24 pages - 350$
36 pages - 520$
A. Flowers.
B. Hot air balloon.
C. Cat.
D. Dog.
E. Girl with balloons.
F. Boy with kite.
G. Peek-a-boo lion.
H. House.
I. Elephant.
J. Raindeer.
K. Star.
L. Sun.
Custom cover.
If you want individual cover just message me.
10. Birds in birdhouses of different colors. This page will help learn colors and counting.
11. Rainbow zippers for the development of fine motor skills. Clouds can be unfastened.
12. Rainbow stripes with buttons at the end, which can be connected in a chain.
13. Study of a counting. The numbers with hook-and-loop fateners, beads are mounted on an elastic band.
14. Study of shapes and colors.
15. House with of shapes and colors.
16. Color count from 0 to 5.
17. Halved fruit with hook-and-loop fateners.
18. Fruits of primary colors. Children learn fruits, colors, develop fine motor skills and thinking.
19. 7 glasses in which it is necessary to place pencils of the corresponding color.
20. Counting with fingers.
21. Counting from 0 to 10. Tree with yellow and red apples with stickies, which should be packaged in two baskets by color.
22. Blocks puzzle "House".
23. Color pyramid.
24. Learning to tie shoelaces.
25. Whale eating fish. Fishing rod, with which you can catch fish.
26. Shark eats fish. This game develops fine motor skills and allows to have fun.
27. Octopus lacing.
28. Beach maze.
29. Pirate maze.
30. Feeding the Red crab under the sea with movable arms and eyes.
31. Fishing in a bucket.
32. Magnetic fishing with moving sail boat.
33. Feed the fish.
34. Mother Hen counting eggs and chicks.
35-36. Barn and farm animals (set of two pages).
37. African animals.
38. Woodland animals.
39. Peek-a-boo trees.
40. Garden.
41-42. Seasons (set of two pages).
43. Seasons.
44-45. Weather (set of two pages).
46. Forest camp.
47. Forest animals hiding.
48. Giraffe with bows.
49. Beehive and threading bee honeycomb.
50. Counting Beehive.
51. Zebra with matching-colored shapes.
52. Hot air balloon with matching color shapes.
53. Eye changing Lion.
54. Eye changing Zebra.
55. Threading lion with spinning head.
56. Monkey brushing teeth.
57. Face with different emotions.
58. Tool box.
59. First Aid Kit.
60. Piggy Bank.
61. Monster eating cookies.
62. Cookie count.
63. Hourglass with beads.
64. Lift up flap with hidden animals.
65. Labyrinth with garages of three colors, in which you need to place buttons of the corresponding color.
66. Puzzle "Train"
67. Сar at the gas station with removable wheels and traffic lights.
68. Road with labirint for a car.
69. Transport on land, water and air.
70. Girl's sleeping room.
71. Dress up doll with wardrobe.
72. Cooking pot with vegetables.
73. Girl's bathroom.
74. Girl's laudry.
75. Clock.
76. Mr Potato.
77. Mrs Potato.
78. Mail box with envelopes and letters with different fasteners.
79. Pink castle. Different types of fasteners, behind which the inhabitants of the castle hid.
80. Castle 2. Different types of fasteners, behind which the inhabitants of the castle hid.
81. Balloons of seven colors that are attached in different ways.
82. Girl and boy puzzle.
83. Girl and boy puzzle in wedding suits.
84. World map with hook-and-loop fateners.
85. Puzzle Owl. 4 pieces of the puzzle that need to be folded in the correct order.
86. Puzzle Elephant. 4 pieces of the puzzle that need to be folded in the correct order.
87. Hedgehog on which can attach apples, mushrooms and raspberries.
88. Tic tac toe.
89. Tic tac toe "Monsters".
90. City constructor consisting of 17 pieces attached with hook-and-loop fateners.
91. Counting pizza from 1 to 5.
92. Play pizza.
93. Flowers attached with hook-and-loop fasteners path that can be moved up and down.
94. Dog with collar and bone.
95. Stocking ring.
96. Lacing "Mouse eating cheese".
97. Eggs matching game.
98. Fox pickaboo with magnet inside.
99. Cat pickaboo with magnet inside.
100. Double-sided sequins (black and gold).
101. Busy Board #1.
102. Busy Board #2.
103. Cake with hook and loop layers.
104. Christmas tree with christmas ornaments that attached with hook-and-loop fateners.
105. Dress-it-up snowman.
106. Snowflake with beads.
107. Christmas coockies with hook-and-loop fateners.
108. Christmas gifts with secret inside.
109. The frog extends and retracts the tongue.
110. Aquarium with beads.
111. Fruits with a removable center.
112. Ladybugs hide in flowers.
113. Apple lacing.
114. Clouds and count to five.
114. Сolorful garages.
116. Fly agaric.
117. Snail.
118. Butterfly hiding in a flower.
119. Multicolor rainbow hook-and-loop.
120. Fish with sequins.
121. Fruit lacing.
122. Animals hide in the windows of the house.
123. Peek-a-boo bunny.
If you want a custom page just message me.
Quiet book consists of a cover (free), a selected number of activity pages (the number of pages your choose) and back cover (if your choose an even number of pages).
The size of the book is 8′′x8′′ (20x20cm)
For children from 1 to 4 years old.
Attention! Contains small details, play under the supervision of adults.
High-quality soft eco-polyester felt, buttons, ribbon, snaps, magnets ets.
Dry Cleaning.
For small contaminants. Clean the soiled product with a soft clothes brush, sticky roller or paint tape.
Wet cleaning.
If a stain appears on the product, clean the surface with a brush, then remove the remaining dirt with a damp cloth.
Gentle wash
Important cleaning of products is recommended only by hand. To remove strong contaminants, it is best to use warm water (about 30°C) and a mild liquid detergent. After "washing" the product should be rinsed in clean, warm water, not wringing out when squeezing. Just let the water drain, lightly pressing. For pressing it is convenient to use 2 towels, put the cards between them, lightly press and leave to dry.
Not to do:
- Whiten.
- subject to dry cleaning.
- Wash in a washing machine.
- Squeeze out.
- Dry under direct sunlight or in a stream of hot air.
All toys are made in a home workshop, free of pets and tobacco smoke!
The color, detail and size of the toy may differ slightly from the photo.
Please feel free to message me with any questions.
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