Got a favorite pair of jeans but they won't fit inside your riding boots or high heeled boots? How to make them skinny! Jeans, Skinny, Refashioned Clothes, Clothes, Refashion Clothes, Clothing Hacks, Upcycle Clothes, Cotton Tee, Clothes Design
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Make Your Jeans Skinny

I've been wanting another pair of skinny jeans for a while now. But then suddenly, my mind went into budget mode and I thought of 2 other pairs of jeans that I rarely wear that I could MAKE into skinny jeans! TA DA! I instantly made up my mind to make it work! AND IT DID! YAY! I was so excited! Not one penny out of pocket and just the way I wanted them! Take a look! Make some jeans skinny today! My pair of skinny jeans I wanted to "mimic." The pair with the cuffs on the bottom are the skinny…


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