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Forsaken Apprentice Saber | Saberforge

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The Forsaken Mk3 has been completely redesigned for 2021. It features an aggressive flanged emitter, with deep heat sink style grooves in the neck and emitter. The larger segmented pommel now functions as a counterweight to the emitter. We retained the popular grenade-style grip section as an homage to the Forsaken that came before.  Weight 0.87 lbs (0 g) Diameter 1.37 in (0 mm) Length 11.5 in (0 mm) Specifications Length 11.5 in Diameter 1.37 in Inner Diameter 1.125 in Weight 0.87 lbs Blade Socket Thread-In Gen2 Socket Size 1.01 in Socket Depth/Blade Plug Length 1.5 in Material CNC precision-machined aluminum
Elizabeth Luke