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Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect / EA/1 - Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect

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For the best crop growth, you'll want to monitor the pH, EC and temperature in your water reservoir. When correctly monitored, you can ensure that your plants are getting the correct type of water nutrients they need to grow into large, healthy crops. Looking for an autonomous reservoir monitor? Order the Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect today from Greenhouse Megastore. With the Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect, you will be able to continuously monitor pH, EC and temperature in your reservoir from your phone and other devices through a Wi-Fi connection. There's no need for manual measurements and spot checks; instead, you will only need to adjust for pH and nutrients. When you consistently track the three fundamental parameters of nutrient uptake, you'll be able to spot any fluctuations, allowing you to solve issues as and when they happen. By maintaining these important parameters, you'll end up with healthier plants. Save time and labor with the Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect so you can focus on growing great plants every single time. The Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect features a large backlit LED display that allows you to view your pH, EC and temperature at a glance. You can also set discreet visual alarms for your preferred parameter ranges; these will let you know whenever your parameters are out of range. This ensures that you will always be on top of your reservoir conditions and can make adjustments quickly to maintain the healthy growth of your plants and crops. Product Features View your reservoir parameters on your mobile phone no matter where you are 24/7 continuous monitoring of pH, EC and temperature in reservoirs Large, backlit display for at-a-glance viewing High and low alarms to alert you when parameters are out of range Easy pH calibration function with on-screen instructions 6.5' (2 meter) cable lengths for best positioning and viewing Flexible mounting options for walls, posts and racks Easy-to-clean display built for clean environments For other automation devices and measuring tools , explore our collection of greenhouse and gardening supplies available from Greenhouse Megastore. Additional Information Bluelab Guardian Connect Manual (PDF) Bluelab Guardian Connect Technical Specifications (PDF)
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