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ALTAR | Minimalist Bridal Bingo Game Editable Template DIY Instant Download Modern Simple Bridal Shower Game Printable Activity Card

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Altar Collection | This modern minimalist bridal shower bingo game template offers customizable text, font, font color and background color to allow you to tailor the design to compliment your special day.
This simple bingo template is editable in Corjl, an online template editor that can be accessed directly through your web browser without the need to download any software or fonts. You will be able to access your template(s) within minutes of purchase and begin your personalization to create your perfect look.
NOTE: Includes static PDF file download option if you do not feel the need to add any customizations.
Copy + paste the link below to access the demo on your desktop browser:
◌ Note: Corjl works best on desktop. Mobile and tablet features may be limited.
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Editable on Corjl:
◌ Bridal Bingo - 5” x 7”
Static PDF download options:
◌ Bridal Bingo - 5” x 7”
◌ 2 Bridal Bingo on 8.5" x 11" page PDF with bleed and trim marks for cutting
➀ Purchase your template(s)
➁ You will receive an email from Corjl within minutes to the email address associated with your Etsy account.
➂ Click the link to access your template(s) in your desktop browser
➃ Customize your template(s), save and download as JPG, PNG, or PDF
➄ Print or send out as a digital file
◌ Edit/add/delete text
◌ Edit font & font color
◌ Edit background color
◌ Upload your own images
◌ Add pages
◌ With or without bleed & trim marks
◌ Option to print multiple designs per page if possible
For premium quality, we recommend printing with a professional service such as Prints of Love. This template size is made to fit the size options offered on the Prints of Love website for a seamless printing experience.
Prints of Love offers free shipping + free envelopes with your order ☻
Kindly follow this link below:
↟ For every order placed through Prints of Love, a tree is planted in your name ↟
How to download files to order through Prints of Love:
➀ Click ‘Download’ and choose ‘PDF’ format
➁ Choose Paper Size: Design Default Size
➂ Choose Page #: 1
➃ Check option: Show Bleed; uncheck all other boxes
➄ Download PDF
➅ Repeat steps for backside of design if applicable, but switch the page number to Page # 2 and download the PDF again.
➆ Go to the Prints of Love website and choose the correct size for your template
➇ Choose paper specifications according to your preferences
➈ Upload PDF(s) to the website
➉ Place order
Other options:
◌ Print at home, at a local print shop/service or copy center
⟶ For best results, we recommend printing with heavier cardstock
⟶ Colors may vary due to monitor and printer settings, as well as type of paper used. It is highly recommended to print a sample to check the final colors
◌ Note for home printing:
⟶ Save and download the file(s) and select the options to show bleed and trim marks for easier cutting
⟶ To save paper: save and download the file(s) as a PDF and select the option to ‘print multiples per page if possible’ to have multiple copies arranged on a single page. Applicable for smaller template designs.
Unfortunately, due to the nature of the product, digital downloads are not eligible for refunds or exchanges. Feel free to send us a message if you have any questions or a need for clarification before purchasing.
◌ This is an instant download editable template - no physical product will be shipped to you. Customize the design right from your desktop browser, download as a JPG, PNG or PDF file and print through an online service such as Prints of Love, at home or through a local printing center. You will receive an email from Corjl shortly after purchase to access your template(s).
◌ No fonts or software downloads are needed - edit your template directly through the Corjl website.
◌ Using a desktop browser is recommended. Mobile and tablet features may be limited.
◌ Templates in progress can be saved and can continue to be edited at a later time if needed.
◌ Page size and orientation are not editable.
◌ Final color and quality may vary depending on computer monitor, type of printer, printer settings and type of paper used. It is recommended that you print out a test print to check the color and quality of your design.
Please feel free to send us a message at any time if you have questions about the templates or the editing process. We will do our best to respond as soon as possible and address your concerns.
© Copyright of Lo and Behold Press. The purchase, downloading and printing of any template from Lo and Behold Press is for your personal use only. Commercial use, distribution, resale or other uses are strictly prohibited. Reproduction of any content is strictly prohibited.
When you purchase, you are agreeing that you have thoroughly read the product details & description, will comply with the terms of use and have had the opportunity to test the demo prior to purchasing.
◌ The purchase of any template is for a personal one-time use only. Creating multiple versions or designs for different events is not allowed.
◌ Templates will be available for 1 year from the day of purchase.
◌ Templates can be edited, saved and downloaded an unlimited number of times for editing and proofing purposes only.
Lo and Behold Press reserves the right to revoke access to a template if the user violates the terms of use.
[ Minimalist Bridal Bingo Game Editable Template DIY Instant Download Modern Simple Bridal Shower Game Printable Activity Card ]
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