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A Sense of Wonder - New, Sealed In Box

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A Sense of Wonder BLU-RAY VIDEO Aquarium Pacific creatures animals tropical reef
Type: Movie
Platform: Blu-ray
Publisher: Aquarium Of The Pacific
Media: Blu-ray
A SENSE OF WONDER A Sense of Wonder is a high-definition, extremely close-up and personal journey -- alongside some of the most amazing, bizarre, and beautiful creatures on the planet. Experience the Aquarium of the Pacific like never before. Find out what it's like to dive into the Tropical Reef and Shark Lagoon! Come face-to-face with a sand tiger shark, glide through the water with graceful sea lions, get lost in the other-world beauty of bioluminescent sea jellies, and gaze in wonder at alien-like creatures such as the leafy sea dragon and spiny lumpsucker. Not only can you take home your favorite creatures of the Pacific Ocean, but you will also get an exclusive look behind the scenes of one of the most dedicated and friendly organizations you'll ever see. This visually stunning presentation will inspire a Sense of Wonder in people of all ages. The Aquarium of the Pacific is a nonprofit institution with a mission to instill a sense of wonder, respect, and stewardship for the Pacific Ocean, its inhabitants, and ecosys-tems and a vision to create an aquarium dedicated to conserving and building Natural Capital (Nature and Nature's services) by building Social Capital (the interactions between and among peoples). For Blu-Ray Player (North American NTSC)
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