two blue and red ski poles with handles
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Leki Rider Jr Ski Poles - Petrol Red / 42

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Leki Rider Jr Ski Poles earns an extra $1.75 in your Willi's ReWards account. Leki Rider Jr Ski Poles Leki's RIDER junior ski pole is ideal for your child's first set of ski poles. These alpine ski poles come in great color options that appeal to young skiers while prioritizing durability and affordability. The RIDER junior ski poles are built to withstand the rigors of skiing, ensuring they can handle the demands of beginners and young chargers alike. With their reasonable price point, these ski poles are easy on the wallet, making them a practical choice for parents trying to make gear dollars last. Style: 6534414 Features for the Rider Jr Ski Poles Construction: Aluminum (TS 4.5) Grip: Turbo Sport. Hard Kids Grip. Basket: Performance Tip: Steel Tip (inside shaft) Strap: Buckle Strap Warranty: 1 year warranty on Carbon Shaft Ski poles. 2 year warranty on Aluminum Shaft Ski poles. 1 year warranty on Gloves. Leki Leki is a pioneering company in the field of ski pole manufacturing, known for its innovation, high-quality products, and commitment to sustainability. Their dedication to the skiing and outdoor sports community has earned them a solid reputation, making Leki a go-to choice for athletes and adventurers seeking reliable, cutting-edge equipment
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