Waterproof Backpack Rucksack Travel Bag Ultra Lightweight Shoulder Bag Key Features: Waterproof Design: Keeps your belongings dry during rainy weather or water activities. Ultra Lightweight: Easy to carry for extended periods without strain. Versatile Usage: Ideal for travel, hiking, camping, and everyday use. Specifications: Material: Waterproof fabric Capacity: Varied sizes available Closure: Zipper Straps: Adjustable shoulder straps Pockets: Multiple compartments Dimensions: Varied (depending on the specific model) Color Options: Various colors available What's in the Package: 1 x Waterproof Backpack Rucksack Waterproof backpack rucksack Waterproof travel bag Lightweight shoulder bag Waterproof shoulder bag Waterproof rucksack backpack Ultra lightweight backpack Waterproof travel rucksa