This necklace is made of colored glass beads, brass beads, a garnet gemstone and a small gold-plated brass coin with a heart.Garnet is shiny, intense and pure. Have you lost yourself for a moment? Garnet has plenty of energy. You will find your way back to yourself, your own motivations and your passion. Bring it on.The heart represents love in all forms. Love for others, but also for yourself. Ask yourself: are you kind to yourself? This heart says every day: don't forget yourself. Wear this symbol and feel the power and warmth of love.Gemstones are a natural product. Each gemstone is unique. That is why it may happen that the color of your jewelry is different from the photo.This new item may be priced higher than an old variant with the same name. This is because some raw materials have Jewellery, Beads, Gemstone, Garnet Gemstone, Necklace, Jewelry, Garnet, Women Jewelry, Gold