a set of five wooden stand with metal hooks
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Doll Shoemakers stand, Enter size of feet in Personalization, Custom sizes available, Pre-cut drilled wood pieces, Shoemakers helper kit - Etsy.de

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- This listing is for the KIT to make the doll shoemaker's helper. It comes with step by step illustrated instructions for putting the kit together.
- IT DOES NOT INCLUDE A SHOE PATTERN OR INSTRUCTIONS FOR MAKING DOLL SHOES. Do not expect to use the shoe templates as soles or a sole pattern when making doll shoes.
- Templates are intentionally smaller than your doll’s shoe pattern so you can remove completed shoe from the stand.
- I invite you to view this video made by a customer to understand how the shoemakers helper kit is designed to be used. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJmmbUtvo7E
Some customers have found double sided tape helps to hold the sole in place when making shoes on the stand. I personally use rolled up painters tape. Fresh double sided tape can be a little too sticky. Painters tape is a little less so.
- If you need a size other than what we have listed, please send me a message! We need to know the length and width at widest point and a picture of the doll's foot or a tracing of the doll's foot.
Be sure to specify the doll/template size(s) desired in the "Personalization" area when ordering. If you need a size other than what is listed here, please send me a message with your order stating the dimensions and include a tracing or photo of the doll's foot.
The way the shoemaker’s helper stand works allows some flexibility with the template sizes that can be used. Since these only support the work you are doing with shoes made from a separate pattern of your choice, they don’t FIT a dolls foot exactly. It is important that the templates are SMALLER than your shoe sole and the dolls foot. These are not intended to be used as a shoe pattern. The reason they are smaller is so that you can remove a completed shoe from the stand. The size of the shoe you make is dependent upon the pattern you use while making shoes. There are many patterns and tutorials for making doll shoes. It is so much easier to glue the soles and shoe uppers together when you have a
"third hand".
This item is a pre-cut, pre-drilled kit made up of various wood pieces that can easily be put together with included dry-wall screws to build your own "third hand" for making doll shoes. This kit includes an option to purchase shoe making templates to support shoes for 18” dolls like popular American Dolls; 14.5” Dolls like Wellie and Paola Reina Las Amigas, 16” Girls for All Time. We have added a new size for 15” dolls like Ruby Red Fashion Friends; this size also works well for Hearts 4 Hearts dolls. All doll feet templates can be interchanged on the same stand. You are welcome to request other doll sizes as well. We will set up a custom order for you if we are able to make them. We cannot make Barbie size templates. The smallest we are able to make are for the Effner Little Darling size dolls.
The kit was cut, sanded and pre-drilled in my husband's basement work area at home. Each kit is unique using various pieces of wood available. The foot piece is slightly smaller than the doll shoe sole so the shoe can be put on and taken off the third hand. This kit is a modification of the information found in the tutorial at LoveUBunches.com
The listing includes all the pre-drilled wood pieces and screws (including 2 extra screws) needed to build the kit as well as easy-to-follow photo illustrated instructions.
While older children would have fun constructing this with assistance, it is intended for those over 8 years old.
Additional items may be included with this order, however the shipping for this kit will be charged, rather than the usual clothing shipping charged.
If you have questions be sure to contact me.
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