"Vintage rug with geometric pattern. There are a chest and eye motifs in the middle of the rug. The surroundings of these motifs are decorated with star and eye motifs. There are running water motifs on the edges of the rug. Centuries ago, people  believed that, these motifs express  optimism and the desire to be protected from evil. The carpet is woven with wool yarn colored with natural vegetable dyes. The motifs of the carpet are embroidered in blue, red, green, brown, and white colors. This rug is woven with motifs unique to the Bakhtiari region of Mesopotamia. All of them are hand woven and Anatolian motifs used. A piece that would look perfect in a suitable corner of your home. It's motifs are like a breeze from thousands of years ago. Women weaving carpets in Anatolia reflect their Red Rugs, People, Rugs, Vintage, Floor Rugs, Bohemian Rug, Vintage Rug Bedroom, Carpet, Small Rugs