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a house in the snow with trees and rocks on the ground next to it's windows
Black House Architect: @miladeshtiyaghi Would you live here? | Instagram
a house on the top of a hill overlooking a city at night with lights from below
Panoramarestaurant Karren by Architekten Rüf Stasi Partner
a white structure on top of a hill with grass and rocks in the foreground
C+ Architects perches glass restaurant above dramatic mountain landscape | Dezeen
a house on top of a snow covered hill with lots of windows and lights above it
Lumen Museum of Mountain Photography perches on a mountainside in the Italian Dolomites
a small house in the woods with a deck and table on it's side
Broissin’s Irekua Anatani a family house under a tree | Floornature
the house is made out of metal and glass
8 casas prefabricadas de madera CLT en las que querrás vivir mañana mismo