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an empty tunnel with light coming in from the end and shadows on the wall behind it
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Ray of Sunlight - Marrakech, Marrakech
a narrow alley way with a pink bag hanging from the ceiling and lights on either side
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Fly Emirates
a narrow alley way with a person walking down the path in between two walls and one floor
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Bruno Barbey MOROCCO. Fez. Alley in the Blida quarter, near the Mausoleum of Sid Ahmed Tijani. 1984.
an alley way with green painted walls and plants on the wall, leading to two doors
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Tetouan, Morocco
a sign on the side of a stone wall that says rue des consols
Rue des Consuls, Rabat ♡
an alley way with red and white buildings on both sides that has graffiti written on the side
a person walking down an alley way with lots of wires hanging from it's ceiling
the souks, marrakech, morocco Van Puur naar Cultuur: www.desteenakker.nl
an alley way with stairs and steps leading up to the building
Tetouan, Morocco 2010
an alley way leading to the ocean with white buildings and blue water in the background
Tanger, une ville à part - L'atelier des couleurs
a person walking up the side of a white building next to the ocean on a sunny day
Tanger, Morocco
an alley way with white buildings and stairs
A Long Weekend in Tangier - Morocco, May 2013
TANGIER - Ruelle De Tanger
an alley way with potted plants on the ledge
✯ Morocco - Marrakech: Marrakech Streets
an alley way with graffiti written on the walls and bricked buildings in the background
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Streets in Marrakech, Morocco
a narrow alley way in an old city with sunlight coming through the window and door
Morocco 2010
Morocco 2010 by mich_obrien, via Flickr