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a child's hand holding a pencil and writing on a piece of paper with domino addition
8 Schule-ideen In 2021 | Mathe Für Vorschulkinder 090
there are several pictures of different items in the box that include magnets, letters and numbers
four different pictures of the same name on a piece of paper with a pen and eraser
Ein kleiner Zwischenstand (Endlich Pause 2.0)
an image of hands and numbers for children to learn how to count them in the same place
a wheel of fortune sitting on top of a table in front of children's books
Glücksrad "Ich bin fertig - Was kann ich tun?" – Unterrichtsmaterial im Fach Fachübergreifendes | Unterricht schule, Schule, Klassenzimmer gestalten grundschule
a book cover with buttons in the middle and an image of a clock on it
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