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the cover of how to keep straight edges in crochet, with different colors
Tired of Gaps in Your Crochet Edges? Here's How to Fix Them!
New to crochet? Keeping straight edges in crochet is easier than you think. It all depends on one little difference, let me show you my trick!
two pictures showing how to do this for straight crochet edges and not this
Use the Chainless Starting Stitches to Give Your Crochet a Perfectly Straight Edge! - Yay For Yarn
Crocheting in the 3rd Loop | Video Tutorial | Find Free Crochet Patterns at
coffee cup sleeve holder with crochet and hot beverage cups next to it on a wooden table
Free Coffee Cup Sleeve Holder Printable
a poster with the words how much yarn do you need? and other things to make it
How Much Yarn? A Guide To Yardage For Projects | Lion Brand Notebook
the words crochet abbreviations are in red, white and blue
Crochet Abbreviations Explained